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Our Plan

The Greens have a comprehensive, costed plan for a better future for everyone in Australia. A plan that is bold and transformative, and isn’t focused on short term politicking. Our plan plots a path over the next 10 years and beyond.

At it’s core, our vision for the future is one centred around every single person in this country having what they need to live a good, meaningful life. 

From bringing dental into Medicare to reviving manufacturing and tackling the housing and climate crises – this plan addresses the major challenges we face this decade. Of course positive change doesn’t happen overnight. But nothing changes if nothing changes. 

In the 2022 Federal election, more people voted Greens than have ever before. Here in Queensland we elected 3 new lower house representatives and a new Senator. 

People are ready for real change, and the Greens have the plan to make it happen.