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Our Plan

Every day it gets harder to tell Labor and the Liberals apart, as they spend more time bickering than laying out a positive plan.

But there’s hope. Here you will find the Greens comprehensive, costed plan for a better future for every Australian. A plan that isn’t focussed on short term politicking – but one that plots a path for Australia over the next 10 years and beyond.

From bringing dental into Medicare to reviving manufacturing and tackling the housing and climate crises – this plan addresses the major challenges we face this decade. Of course positive change doesn’t happen overnight. But nothing changes if nothing changes. 

And here in Griffith the Greens only need a 3.5% increase in the vote to win, making it our most winnable seat in the country. 

The first step to positive change is voting for people who will fight for you, and what you believe in.