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Dental and Mental Health into Medicare

Each year millions of Australians will skip seeing the dentist because of the cost. This often leads to severe health complications that could have been prevented with a trip to the dentist. 

Meanwhile, Australia is experiencing a hidden mental health epidemic, and the capped 10 rebated sessions to see a psychologist is not enough.
The last time the Greens in the balance of power we used our leverage to win dental into Medicare for kids. Now the Greens have a plan to bring dental and mental health into Medicare for everyone. 

The Greens will

  • Bring dental into Medicare so every Australian can see the dentist for free
  • Remove the 10 session cap, and introduce unlimited Medicare covered sessions to see a psychologist or psychiatrist 
  • Increase the mental health rebate to 100% of the scheduled fee to reduce out of pocket expenses

Read more details about adding Dental Health and Mental Health into Medicare here.