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Supporting our art, stories, and music

The arts, entertainment and creative industries have been some of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 crisis. This industry is worth $112 billion a year to our economy and provides around 600,000 people with jobs. The Greens will invest in our culture, stories, arts and live music with long term funding arrangements, to create and protect secure well paid jobs. 

The Australia Council for the Arts, the peak government funding and advisory body for the arts has seen its funding dramatically reduced from pre-2013 levels by the Coalition Government. This has disproportionately affected small and medium arts organisations. 

The Greens will double funding to the Australia Council for the Arts to ensure that they are able to provide the strategic funding, advice and support for the arts and entertainment industry as it recovers from the widespread impacts of the Covid pandemic

The Greens will legislate local content quotas on streaming services that operate in Australia. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Stan and many other streaming services are growing in popularity in making hundreds of millions of dollars from local audiences. The Greens will legislate to require streaming services to invest 20 per cent of the money they earn from Australian subscribers to be spent on the production of local content. It’s incredibly important that we see ourselves and our communities represented in the television we watch, especially so for children. The Greens will require a sub-quota of 20 percent of the local content created by streaming services to be for the production of children's content. 

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