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Griffith Office Support

Now that I have my small but mighty team of staff on board in the Griffith Electorate Office, I’m really pleased to say we are officially here to help. 

Here are some of the ways we can work with you as an individual resident in Griffith:

  • Assisting you with ongoing advocacy about any federal issue (immigration, NDIS, Centrelink, or other government departments).
  • Provide local referrals where we can’t assist with direct advocacy. 
  • Organise a meeting to discuss any local or federal concerns you might have.
  • Collaborate and connect you with other residents to campaign on local issues. 
  • Provide free loaned equipment from our tool library (coming soon!)

Here are some of the other ways my office is here to help your local community group or project:

  • Provide free printing
  • Free loan our new marquees, heavy-duty barbeque, tables, chairs, and other event equipment out for your events
  • Simple graphic design tasks through our professional designer
  • Provide (minor) sponsorship or raffle prizes to assist in your fundraising efforts
  • Run a free barbeque at your local community event
  • Promote your group, event or fundraising in this local newsletter (which goes out to thousands of Griffith residents)
  • Assist you to apply for grants with a letter of support, and nomination for federal government grants
  • Something else? Reach out to us if you have an idea about how we could support you and we’ll do our best to help!

I’m excited to set up my electorate office to go above and beyond just replying to emails and doing the odd piece of constituent assistance. We’re in an unprecedented time of inequality, social isolation and with the resources of a Federal MPs office, I’m excited to proactively run campaigns alongside you, host events and set up programs to help residents support each other.