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Housing and Homelessness

The Federal Government recently introduced their centrepiece housing legislation. Here’s the problem though, Labor’s bill does nothing for renters, will see the shortage of social and affordable housing grow, and a real cut in housing funding every year, making the housing crisis worse. Labor is also cutting funding for 27,000 affordable NRAS homes and $65 million in homelessness services funding.

Labor needs the Greens support in the Senate to pass this bill, so we’re fighting for urgent improvements to make life a little more manageable for the millions of Australians struggling to pay the rent or buy a house or keep a roof over their head.

I’d love to hear from the community about how the Greens should negotiate on this bill. Come along to my community forum or fill in my survey below to give me your feedback.

Griffith Housing Survey

As your local MP and the Greens spokesperson for housing, I want to know how you think the Greens should vote on Labor’s Housing Bill. Your feedback will form part of my broader consultation and help inform my position.

Come along to the community forum

Come along to my community forum where you can learn more about the bill, hear about the negotiations and ask me any questions you may have.