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Greens condemn Government for $65 million cut to homelessness funding

The Greens have called on the Government to restore $65 million a year in funding for homelessness services that was dropped in the recent Budget, supporting the call that 230 organisations are making today to the Treasurer and Housing Minister for the vital funding to be continued. 

It is estimated that this funding cut will mean homelessness services will have to lose 650 workers nationwide, resulting in cuts to already overstretched services. This funding covers additional wage costs to be paid as the result of 2012’s Equal Remuneration Order, supporting wage equality for the sector’s female dominated workforce. 

Lines attributable to Max Chandler-Mather MP:

Labor’s decision to cut this homelessness funding, will widen the gender pay gap, cut 650 jobs and see more homeless people turned away from basic services. 

Homelessness services are already pushed to the brink - in 2021 they had to turn away 288 people per day, many of whom were women and children experiencing domestic violence - and these cuts will only make matters worse.

With renters across the country facing eviction into homelessness as the result of outrageous rent increases, record low vacancy rates and homeowners facing massive mortgage hikes, slashing homelessness funding is indefensible.

Labor needs to stop making decisions that make the housing crisis worse.

They’re doing nothing for renters and their dodgy housing plan will see the shortage of social and affordable housing actually get worse - now they’re making matters worse by cutting funding for front-line homelessness services. 

We’re calling on the Government to immediately restore full funding for homelessness services, and stop making this housing crisis worse.

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