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PM should be ashamed Australia is the worst place to be a renter in the developed world

New research released today shows that Australia’s rental system has completely broken down, showing tenants face some of the worst conditions in the developed world, while landlords would be better off putting money into superannuation.

Lines attributable to Max Chandler-Mather MP, Greens spokesperson for housing and homelessness:

With renters in Australia facing out-of-control rent increases and some of the worst conditions in the developed world, it would be a moral and humanitarian failure for the PM not to push for national tenancy standards and a freeze on rent increases.

This is a national crisis that needs a national response and it’s no longer good enough for the PM to fob his responsibility for protecting renters off to the states. 

It will be no surprise to the millions of renters in this country that Australia is one of the worst places to rent, but with another $10 billion of projected rent increases this year things are about to get a whole lot worse if the Federal Government doesn't act. 

Every time a renter is evicted because they can’t afford the rent increase, every time a family has to choose between buying food or paying the rent, that is on the Federal Government who have clearly decided they’re happy to treat renters as second class citizens. 

We desperately need national tenancy standards to protect the millions of renters forced to put up with homes that are freezing cold in winter and boiling in summer, riddled with mould, cracks in the walls, plumbing and electrical faults, and living with constant uncertainty about when they’ll have to move and no long-term security.

The government coordinated national intervention in the energy market because of out-of-control price increases, there’s no reason they can’t step up and do the same to protect renters from unfair evictions and outrageous rent increases. 

Freezing rent increases and doubling Commonwealth Rent Assistance will ensure we provide immediate relief to the millions of households in serious financial stress as a result of soaring rents. 

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