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No to Nuclear Submarines

Three hundred and eighty-eight billion dollars on nuclear submarines, $254 billion on tax cuts for the rich, $12 billion every single year on tax concessions for property investors and $10 billion a year in subsidies for the fossil fuel industry—this is how Labor is spending your money. While you're struggling to pay your rent, mortgage, feed your kids and keep the lights on, these are their priorities. Remember that. While homelessness skyrockets and we're given the final dire warning on the state of the climate, this is what they think the people of Australia want. With just the money committed to this messed-up submarine deal, Labor could raise the pension and other Centrelink payments above the poverty line, put dental and mental health into Medicare and invest $5 billion a year in public and affordable housing. With the stroke of a pen, Labor could lift millions of people out of poverty. They just don't want to. They are spending $368 billion on nuclear attack submarines to serve the wishes of the US empire and make us less safe while families sleep in cars.

Our Minister for Defence called this deal 'an investment we cannot afford not to make', yet apparently ensuring people in this country can afford to see a doctor, eat three meals a day and have a safe and secure roof over their heads is optional. This is your legacy, Labor. You should own it and answer to the people at the next election for it.

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