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National Renters Inquiry

On the 31st of July I gave a speech about making a submission to the national inquiry into the worsening rental crisis which the Greens secured.  


If you’re a renter you have a rare chance to have your voice heard on the national stage. 


One third of this country rents, that’s around 8 million people. And far too often renters are treated as second class citizens completely ignored by a political class only interested in the profits of banks and property developers. 


Well, after the Greens secured the country's first ever national inquiry into the rental crisis, you have a chance to share your experience and force government to finally listen. 


Force them to listen to stories like Jessika’s - a single mum in South Brisbane who has copped a $100 a week rent increase. This increase has meant she has had to take her kids out  of swimming lessons and make tough choices at the supermarket.

If she cops one more rent increase she’ll likely have to move her family out of her community, and pull her kids out of their school and away from their friends/ 


Stories like Jay’s, the father in a family of five who has just copped an eviction notice for no reason - after they had made multiple improvements to the home at their own cost including fly screens and a clothes line - now it looks like the property will be advertised for hundreds of dollars more a week. 


It’s stories like these that are too often ignored. 


But if you’re a renter and have a story like this now is your chance. You have until 4th  August. I’ll chuck the link below or in my bio. 


It only takes a few minutes but could have a big impact. 


We know the Federal Government has the power to coordinate a national freeze and cap on rent increases, end no grounds evictions and give renters real rights. 


We know National Cabinet, chaired by the Prime Minister, is considering national rental rights right now. 


But if we want them to act then they need to hear your voice. 

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