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New Proposal for Funding Politicians' Wages

On the 22nd of May I gave a short speech in Parliament, suggesting a new way to fund politicians pay. If they wouldn't fund their own wages like that, then they shouldn't fund housing like that! 



Labor remains committed to their housing plan to gamble $10 billion on the stock market and only spend some of the returns on housing and even in the best case scenario only cover 3% of the shortage of social and affordable housing. 

Given that, I have a new proposal to fund politicians' wages. 

Rather than pay politicians wages directly - we all only get paid if a series of investments on the stock market pay off - in months where it doesn’t pay off, too bad, none of us gets paid. And even where it does pay off - the vast majority of us won’t get a single dollar.

I have similar funding proposals for the nuclear submarines and football stadiums. 

Somehow I don’t think Labor would support that. 

Why is it that everything from politicians' wages to nuclear submarines and stadiums get adequate guaranteed funding - but all we get for public housing is this dodgy investment fund that will see the housing crisis get worse. 

People are fed up because Labor keeps telling us that all we can hope for is crumbs, while they turn around and hand over billions of dollars in tax cuts and concessions to billionaires and big corporations.

It’s not unreasonable to suggest that in the middle of the worst housing crisis in generations that the government should invest $5 billion a year directly building public and affordable housing - or use federal funding to coordinate a freeze on rent increases. 

And maybe Labor should reflect on why people are angry that nuclear submarines get up to half a trillion dollars in guaranteed funding - and housing doesn’t get a cent. 


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