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Renters $3000 better off under Greens rent freeze plan

Analysis by the Parliamentary Library estimates that renters across Australia would be $7.1 billion better off if rents had been frozen nationwide for the past 12 months. With rents increasing by 14% nationwide, the average renter is paying $3,151 more for their home than last year. 

The Greens recently called on the Federal Government to intervene in the housing crisis by freezing rents nationwide for two years, followed by ongoing rent caps and an end to no grounds evictions, minimum standards for rental properties and tenant rights to make minor improvements to the home.

Over the last 12 months, rents have grown seven times faster than wages in capital cities,  putting millions of Australians into severe rental stress and seeing rents hit record highs in 85% of Australian suburbs.

Lines attributable to Max Chandler-Mather MP, Greens spokesperson for Housing and Homelessness:

“A rent freeze could put an extra $3000 in the pockets of the average Australian renter and provide real and immediate cost of living relief.“

“For families choosing between buying food and paying the rent, $3000 could mean the difference between eviction into homelessness and keeping a roof over their heads.” 

“Rents are out of control, millions of Australians are struggling to pay the rent, and families are facing living in tents and cars because they can’t afford record rent increases.” 

“When Australian renters have paid an extra $7 billion in rent over the last year alone, no wonder so many are struggling.”

“Along with a major and immediate investment in social housing, phasing out negative gearing and capital gains discounts, and a 2 year rent freeze, followed by ongoing rent caps will help stop this housing crisis boiling over into a national disaster.”

“If the government is serious about cost of living relief, if they’re serious about affordable housing, then it’s a no-brainer to freeze rent rises.

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