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Fully fund local state schools

Queensland state schools are the most underfunded in the country – only receiving 89.26% of the minimum funding outlined by the Gonski review. 

Over the last 10 years of Labor and LNP Government, state funding per public school student has decreased by $128 while funding for private and catholic schools has increased by $220 and $246 per student respectively. 

Queensland Labor and the Federal Coalition Government have created a massively unequal education system here in Griffith. This means that our local state school classrooms are under-resourced, teachers are overworked, and parents are covering the gap in creeping school resource fees. 

The Greens will:

  • Fully fund state schools, equating to an extra $142 million in funding for Griffith state schools
  • Improve local teacher to student ratios
  • Abolish out-of-pocket fees for parents and replace this with additional federal funding