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Griffith Community Grants

I’m delighted to be able to divert some of my office's resources to materially support the brilliant work small community groups are doing.  We’ve announced Round 1 of the Griffith Community Grants program which will offer 10 one-off grants of $500 for small groups and organisations.

These grants are designed to:


  • Prioritise smaller, local, unfunded or poorly-funded groups. The key advantage of this program is that we can be super flexible, so as much as possible we will prioritise money going towards small, unincorporated groups that don’t have access to any other government funding or grants. 


  • Prioritise skill-sharing and capacity building. We’d love to prioritise funding projects that increase the capacity or skills of a group. For example, we’d love to fund a workshop that gives new skills or mentors volunteers. Similarly for events, rather than covering the cost of renting equipment for a one-off event, we’d much rather purchase it outright so that it could be available throughout the year for your group and the rest of the community. 


  • Prioritise participation and community building. We’ll prioritise funding projects and groups that have explicit aims to bring people together. Whether that's to learn a new skill, to build a community garden or to activate participation in an arts project - we’d love to see this money used to bring our community together. 


What types of projects could I apply for?

These are just some examples we’ve thought of and aren’t an exhaustive list. We’d really love to hear the creative ideas you have!


  • Purchase of equipment that will increase the capacity of your group. For example, we could purchase a BBQ for your group so that you can use it to run fundraisers at a later point

  • Skill based learning opportunities for projects and events. We’d love to prioritise funding for workshops, events or projects where performers or volunteers are getting an opportunity to learn and refine their skills. 

  • Food Security Initiatives. With the cost of living impacting so many across our community, we’d love to put some money towards minimising those impacts. Perhaps you’d like to kick off a free pantry & need some storage or want to build a free community garden & need some soil to kick start the process.


Have a project in mind that you’re not sure fits the above descriptions? Give us a call or email & chat to our team about your ideas!


How does the process work?

  1. Give our office a call or email to chat through your idea
  2. Submit an application here. Please note, this is a google form 
  3. Applications for round 1 will be considered and funded on a rolling basis 
  4. Round 1 Submissions will close on June 1st.