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Support Adam Bandt's Flight Noise Bill

Locals across the electorate of Griffith are still struggling with excessive flight noise. Recent concessions from Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) show our campaign is having an impact. So now is the time to step up the pressure.

On February 14, Greens leader Adam 
Bandt introduced a Private Members Bill into federal parliament to legislate a curfew and a cap on total flights for Brisbane Airport. You can help by signing the petition calling on Labor and the Liberals to support the bill. 

You can also support our call for a curfew and flights over the bay by hosting one of our flight noise yard signs. Sign up here and someone from our office will drop one off to you as soon as possible. 

Will you sign?

We, the people of Brisbane call on Labor and the LNP to support Adam Bandt's Flight Noise Bill. We need political pressure to set a precedent that prevents airports from putting profits ahead of the wellbeing of residents. Labor and the LNP must step in and advocate for the people affected by excessive flight noise.

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