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Renters have not been “well-looked after” by Albanese

Quotes attributable to Max Chandler-Mather, Australian Greens spokesperson for housing and homelessness

“A property investor Prime Minister is evicting his tenant in the middle of a massive rental crisis and it tells you everything you need to know about what Labor thinks about renters.

“The Prime Minister said the tenant “was well looked after” and was “more than fair”, what a sick joke.

“The Prime Minister has landlord brain if he thinks it is “more than fair” to evict a renter who pays $680 a week rent and wants to stay in their home.

“I tell you who is well looked after, property investors like the Prime Minister who profit from the billions of dollars in tax handouts and broken rental laws.

“In Tuesday’s Budget Labor decided to make no changes to the massive tax handouts for property investors that 75% of them benefit from.

“So now then the Prime Minister sells his house he will get the potential 50% of the $500,000 potential profit tax free, because he as Prime Minister refuses to scrap the capital gains tax discount.

“If Labor adopted the Greens plans to give renters a right to stay in their home even if the investor wanted to sell, the Prime Minister would not have been able to evict the tenant.

“If the Prime Minister wanted to treat renters fairly, he would coordinate a freeze and cap on rent increase, give renters a right to stay in their home and phase out the tax handouts for property investors that are denying millions of renters the chance to buy a home.”


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