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Mutual Aid

The February floods were absolutely devastating for many in our local community. People lost possessions, homes, incomes, and sadly, even lives.

It was incredibly heartwarming and humbling to be a part of an amazing community response. We always see an upwelling of support during natural disasters but the reality is we’re in an ongoing cost of living, economic and social isolation crisis. There’s absolutely no reason we can’t keep organising to support each other.

There’s many people struggling in our community right now, if you need a hand you can always call my office.

We’ll be there to clean up after the next climate induced disaster & are able to help out with emergency provisions of essentials like food. Even if you just need a hand mowing your lawn, please reach out & we’ll try to find someone who can help. We have a massive network of volunteers who are keen to lend a hand.

If you’d like to get involved helping out your community, you can sign up here!