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Housing Now! We need real solutions to the housing crisis

I want to know what you think about the Greens negotiating asks, and whether you support Labor's bill. Can you take this 2 minute survey?

In the midst of a massive housing affordability crisis, Labor’s housing plan does nothing for renters and will see the housing affordability crisis get worse.

Labor wants to invest $10 billion in the stock market through the Future Fund and only invest the returns on housing. This isn’t a $10 billion investment in housing, it’s a $10 billion gamble on the stock market, with a $500 million per year spending cap on housing. 

There is currently a shortage of 640,000 public homes across Australia, and that shortage will increase by 75,000 in the next five years. Labor has proposed to partially fund the construction of 30,000 social and affordable homes over five years, which means their plan won’t even match the increase in need. 

The Greens are fighting for the millions of people Labor’s plan leaves behind, struggling to pay the rent or buy a house, stuck on waitlists, or homeless.

Our key demands in exchange for our support for Labor's bill are:

  1. A minimum of $5 billion invested in social and affordable housing every year (indexed to inflation) and removing the $500 million cap
  2. A national plan for renters including the Prime Minister putting a national freeze on rent increases on the national cabinet agenda and an immediate doubling of Commonwealth Rent Assistance in the Budget
  3. $1 billion investment in remote Aboriginal Housing
  4. All housing through the Fund should meet minimum inclusive design standards (Liveable Housing Australia Silver)


Who's signing
Penelope Laletas
Lily Thiele
James Fricker
John Neeson
Elizabeth Gower
Siobhan Ryan
Emile van Leishout
Andrew Olcorn
Leigh Petridis
Yeongjun Kwon
Claire Butler
Micaela Jones
Bettina Davies
Lisa Daly
Miree Le Roy
Gail Price
Gabrielle Viljoen
Richard Franciscus
Margarita Pozlevits
Neha Sharma
Toni Skart
Emma McRac
Emma Hearn
Preyas Anandan
Dan Connor
Eve York
Grahman Mann
Andrew Leece
Sandra Ryder

Will you sign?

Tell the Labor Government you support these demands, and want real action to tackle the housing crisis:

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