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Save East Brisbane State School and Raymond Park

We hear a lot of talk about the need for the Brisbane 2032 Olympics to leave a positive legacy.

Well, now that the State and Federal Governments have announced their plans to demolish and rebuild The Gabba Stadium as the main athletics tracks for the 2032 Olympics - then the biggest legacy is set to be the loss of the much loved East Brisbane State School, which sits next to the stadium, and Raymond Park in Kangaroo Point, which will be completely replaced by a warm-up track.

My Greens colleagues and I are standing with the local community as we fight to save this beloved school and park.

East Brisbane State School now has over 311 students, having grown by more than 38% in the last few years. The school is incredibly diverse with students from 39 different language groups and a specialised English program for refugee children. At the school's current central location, 70% of families use active transport to get to school. But if the school is removed, families in the school catchment could have to travel up to 4km across busy roads. For the Government to remove the only public primary school in one of the fastest growing communities in Brisbane for the Olympics is frankly disgusting.

Meanwhile Raymond Park is home to a wonderful community garden, local footy club, playground, basketball courts and old established fig trees. Losing this park means losing more than half of the green space in this area, and the Government have now admitted nearby homes will be affected as well.

The State and Federal Governments have announced $7 billion in public funding for the building of Olympics venues in Brisbane, including $2.7 billion for the demolition and rebuilding of the Gabba Stadium. 

Governments should be investing $2.7 billion in affordable housing, health and education, not in a plan that will see the destruction of a local school and park all for an extra 8000 seats and a two week sporting event.

Write to the Government now to let them know: don’t rebuild Gabba stadium.

Max Chandler-Mather speaks to rally outside East Brisbane State School