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Community Survey

Thanks for taking the time to fill in my community survey. My volunteers and I plan to knock on every door in Griffith before now and election day to hear people’s issues, but we can’t speak to everyone! This survey will help me represent every resident in the electorate.

If I win Griffith, there is also a good chance that the Greens will end up in the balance of power, which means Labor would need our support to form government. If that happens I will be pushing to deliver a 6% wealth tax on billionaires to fund bringing dental into Medicare, tackling climate change and raising Jobseeker above the poverty line so everyone can eat and pay the bills – but I would love to hear your perspectives on what my priorities should be.

But Federal representatives shouldn’t just fight for you in parliament. They should also help residents build campaigns to improve their local area. So I’d love to hear from you if there’s any local issues you’d like to see me help residents fight for and win.