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Your Vote Could Make the Difference

This election the Greens only need a 3.5% swing to win Griffith – which we will use to fight for things like bringing dental into Medicare, urgent action on climate change, and a tax on billionaires.

Your vote this election is incredibly powerful.

This page hosts all the information you need to vote: enrolling to vote, polling locations, early voting times and location, how to postal vote, and our suggested how-to-vote. It will be regularly updated as we get closer to the election and more information is released by the Australian Electoral Commission.

The 2022 federal election will be held on Saturday May 21.

How to Vote Green

How your preferences go will be entirely up to you. With changes to voting rules in recent years, no party is able to direct your vote to somewhere you don't want it to go. This means how you number your ballot paper is where your vote goes. Our recommendation is below, but it is just that – a recommendation.

Fortunately in the seat of Griffith the Greens are likely to have a high enough vote that our preferences aren’t distributed, so voting 1 Green will likely just mean your vote only goes to the Greens. We only need a 3.5% swing to win the seat.

Enrolling to Vote / Updating your Enrolment

The final date to update your enrolment was 8pm Monday 18 April.

If you are on the electoral roll but have not updated your address to the electorate you currently live in, you may be able to cast a 'declaration vote' in the electorate you live in. Go here for more information.

Polling Locations

Griffith has over 40 polling locations which will be open from 8am to 6pm on Saturday 21 May, with one usually within walking distance or a short drive from any address in the electorate. Go here for the full list of polling locations.

Early Voting Times and Locations

Early voting booths will be open from Monday 9 May and will run Monday to Saturday with varying opening hours.

In Griffith, there are two early voting booths – one in West End, and another in Coorparoo. There are also polling locations in the Brisbane CBD where you can cast an early vote. Go here for the complete list of early voting booths and opening hours.

Postal Voting

If you wish to postal vote, you will need to apply for one through the Australian Electoral Commission website. This is a relatively easy process and you can find more information and access the application form here. A physical ballot will then be sent to your address and you will need to post it back before polling day. The earliest your postal vote can arrive is Tuesday April 26. If you have any questions about how to fill in this application or how to postal vote, please call our office 0466 859 721.