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Save Raymond Park

Save Raymond Park 

As part of the Brisbane Olympics the federal, state and local government want to destroy Raymond Park and turn it into a warm up track. Meanwhile there is a very good chance that East Brisbane State School will be demolished as part of the Gabba Stadium rebuild.

It’s incredibly disappointing that Labor and the Liberals seem to want to destroy a well-utilised park and a school, all for a two week event. In fact both Labor and the Liberals support using $1 billion in public money to demolish the Gabba and rebuild it. 

There are so many better things $1 billion of public money could be spent on here in Griffith, like investing in our state schools, building public housing, upgrading active transport infrastructure or delivering new parkland. If elected, this is what I’ll be pushing for.

When you're planning future development for a city I think you should prioritise schools and parks ahead of 2-week sporting events. The Greens and I fully support protecting Raymond Park and the East Brisbane State School, and do not support the $1 billion rebuild of the Gabba stadium for the Olympics. 

Now that I am elected, I will work alongside Amy MacMahon and Jonathan Sri to push all levels of government to shift the Olympics athletics track to an existing venue like QEII in Mount Gravatt or the Metricon Stadium at the Gold Coast. 

The track record of the Olympics globally is very poor when it comes to listening to local communities. To ensure the school and park are protected and to secure better outcomes for our local community, we need to fight for it.