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Stop Labor and the Liberals' 72 New Coal Mines

Tell Labor and the Liberals to stop all new coal and gas mines – put one of these powerful yardsigns on your fence.

Both the International Energy Agency and IPCC have made it clear that if we want to have any chance of staying under 1.5 degrees warming then there can’t be any new coal or gas projects.

But recently the Guardian reported that there are currently 72 new coal projects and 44 new gas projects in the pipeline across Australia – supported by Labor and the Liberals.

Sign up for one of these powerful yardsigns and tell the major parties that these projects must be stopped.

​​The total carbon footprint from these coal and gas projects in Australia would be equal to 3 times Australia’s current annual emissions. It’s time to say no new coal and gas – and to transition to a renewable, clean energy future.

Note: If you live in the Griffith electorate, we will come around and put this sign up for you on your fence as quickly as possible. If you live outside the Griffith electorate, you will need to come collect your yardsign from our office at 2/409 Logan Rd, Stones Corner.