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Griffith Campaign Merch

Get in now and pre-order your official Griffith campaign merch. We’ve got five amazing designs available, so whether you want a 4 day work week, to tax billionaires, stop coal mining, a rent freeze or to simply have your own home (or all five?!), we’ve got you covered.

We’ll be taking pre-orders up until Monday 20th November, and we’ll post your merch to you when it’s printed in early December. Deliveries are only available in Australia & you can expect your delivery by 15th December.

Shirts are high quality men’s and women’s AS Colour, available in XS to 3XL

Help us raise critical funds to keep Max in Griffith while repping an awesome cause.

Just Nationalise It Shirt
Tax Billionaires

While wages stagnate through a skyrocketing cost of living crisis, thousands of us are struggling to make ends meet.

It’s time to tax billionaires and use that money for mass investment in public and genuinely affordable housing, to freeze rents, scrap student debt, bring dental and mental health into medicare and fund a rapid transition to renewable energy.

Three days for the Beach Tee
3 Days for the Beach T-Shirt

We all need more time at the beach. A four day work week is the next step in our society - many of us work too much, others can’t find any work at all.

Let’s share the work, so everyone can get a good job and have time for what life is really about - enjoying time with friends and family and spending a bit more time at the beach.

What if we kissed Tee
What if we kissed

Big coal and gas corporations are cooking the planet. It’s high time we stopped new coal and gas and rapidly transition to publicly owned renewable energy.

And hell, life is short. Ask your crush for a kiss while you're at it

No seconds Tee
No seconds

It’s pretty simple, everyone should get an affordable and safe home.

Especially before anyone gets another investment property.

Rent Freeze Tee
Rent Freeze

Rental stress in Australia has never been higher, in fact, the average rental household forked out an extra $3,000 in rent in the last year.

Everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to live.


Can't decide between taxing billionaires, banning new coal and gas, tackling the housing crisis or fighting for a 4 day work week?

Grab a bundle of all 5 Griffith Tee's so you can broadcast your politics every day of the week.