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COVID Community Help

In response to the first big Omicron wave this January, Amy MacMahon MP and I launched COVID Community Help program. We redirected our federal campaign resources to help our community during this tough time.

With the help of our wonderful Greens volunteers, we delivered over 50 free food boxes over the last four months to locals who were isolating due to COVID-19. Our volunteers also picked up Click & Collect orders, sourced RATs and dropped off masks.

One of my favourite stories of this program is how the community garden at Tugulawa Park supplied the veggies for these free food boxes. Alongside some amazing local residents, we helped establish this community garden as part of our campaign to save the park from a developer's plan to bulldoze the park for a four lane road. Now not only is this garden helping this campaign to protect this vital community space, but it’s producing food for people who are doing it tough.

If elected, I’m very excited by the prospect of using the resources of a federal electorate office to expand our free food and services program. In particular, I think there is space to run a permanent free breakfast and lunch program – potentially partnering with local schools. Winning Griffith means not only having a strong voice in parliament fighting for our community, but an office with resources that can be directed towards improving local people’s lives outside deeply underfunded government services.

In the meantime, if there’s anything my team and I can help with, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our campaign office at 0466859721 or [email protected]