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Safer, connected bikeways across the inner south

Right now, big sections of the inner south of Brisbane are inaccessible and unsafe for people walking or riding. So many of us who would rather walk or ride are having to drive, and those of us who need to drive are stuck in traffic.

Investing in bike lanes and footpaths can reduce congestion, traffic noise and air pollution. Making our suburbs more walkable and rideable encourages people to buy local, boosting local businesses. So the Greens will invest $76 million in Griffith for safe and connected bikeways and footpaths, that will go towards projects like:

  • Improving cycling safety on the Lytton Road corridor 
  • Connecting Holland Park to the V1 Veloway via Birdwood Road
  • Separated bike lanes along Logan Road
  • New footpaths in Coorparoo, Carina Holland Park and Seven Hills 
  • Fast tracking a separated bike lane on Vulture Street in West End
  • Improving cycling connectivity between the two new green bridges in West End
  • Safely connecting the V1 exit at Buranda with the eastern bikeways 

We’ll work closely with local bicycle user groups to determine exact routes and priorities.